Kyōya Tategami (盾神キョウヤ, Tategami Kyōya) is one of the main protagonists in the Metal Saga and Gingka's ultimate rival. He was the former-leader of the Face Hunters, a gang of Beybladers who were after the "Face" part of a Bey and the Beypoints of the owner. Although, after losing to Gingka twice, he decides to disband the group and eventually joins Gingka and his friends. He entered the tournament "Big Bang Bladers" on the African Team, "Team Wild Fang". Currently, he is on a quest with Gingka and Co. to find the remaining of the Legend Bladers, in order to stop the ultimate evil, Nemesis from controlling the world. His current Beyblade is Fang Leone 130W²D which is the evolution of Rock Leone 145WB.He represents Kai Hiwataru from the Beyblade original series,Shun from bakugan and Leon Fierce from Beywheelz:powered by beyblade and  beywarriors beyraiderz shougan.

260px-Kyoya MFury - Copy

kyoya in beyblade metal fury