Yuki Mizusawa (水沢ユウキ Mizusawa Yuki) is one of the main protagonists that appears in the anime and manga series, Beyblade: Metal Fury and his Beyblade is Mercury Anubius 85XF. He is a Legend Blader and is one of the Solar System Bladers. He is currently teamed up with Gingka to find all the legend bladers and stop Nemesis from using the star fragment to control the world.

Japanese 水沢ユウキ
English Translation Yuki Mizusawa
English Dub Name TBA
Age 15
Gender Male
Occupation Legend Blader, Solar System Blader




Beyblades Anubius*
First Appearance (Anime) Fragment of the Star
First Appearance (Manga) Ultimate Bladers, Chapter 1
Beyblade Listing - Category


[[[]]hide]*1 Appearance


Yuki has dark brown spiky-hair with one hair sticking up in a curve. He wears glasses and has blue eyes. He wears a sky blue blazer with dark blue highlights and white trim with a red tie that has a star design in the middle and a white shirt. He also wears dark grey shorts with a belt, white socks and black shoes with grey highlights.


Yuki is a boy-genius and an astronomer as well as a Blader who owns Anubius. Gingka and Co. helped him one day from being attacked by a person called Johannes. He tells Gingka that he witnessed the Star Fragment fall fom the sky one day. One of the 10 lights of it dwells inside of Anubius and Yuki heard the voice of it that evening. Gingka and Co, will have to stop a great evil from trying to revive the "Black Sun" and "Nemesis" by using the unknown power of the Star Fragment. In the 4D episode, Dynamis, Guardian of the Temple, it shows that Yuki is afraid of snakes.


In The Star Fragment, the Star Fragment hit Yuki's Anubius making it glow in a blue hue. He then decides to study this. Later, he leaves to board a ship to find someone.

In Legend Blader, he battled Johannes in an attempt to defend himself. Gingka soon came and rescued him shortly before he fainted.

In The Mysterious Lynx Cat, he discovered that a Legend Power landed on Indonesia and travelled with Gingka and co to find the Legend Blader residing there.

In L-Drago Destroy, he had a practice battle against a girl from the Zarkan Island village named Sarah.

[2]Added by Manaphy12342In Awakening! Anubius!, he battled Ryuga. Although for most of the battle he appeared to be winning, Ryuga defeated him. During the battle however, he activated his Legend Power showing that he is one of the Legend Bladers.


In 031, Yuki battled Gingka and it was a tie. He then told Gingka and Co. of an upcoming Beyblade Tournament called "Ultimate Bladers" and signed everyone up.


Beyblade Metal Fury
Opponent Outcome
Johannes No Outcome
Ryuga Lose
Kenta Win
Chao Xin & Mei Mei (Tag w/ Gingka) Win
Dashan & Chi-yun (Tag w/ Gingka) Win
Aguma & Bao (Tag w/ Gingka) Lose


Anubius Beast
Japanese N/A
English Translation N/A
English Dub Name N/A
First Appearance (Anime) N/A
First Appearance (Manga) N/A

Special MovesEditEdit

  • Brave Impact:

Trivia EditEdit

  • Yuki resembles Kenny from the original series.
  • Yuki is the Japanese meaning for "blessing; snow" and is most commonly a Japanese name for girls which is ironic since Yuki is a boy.
  • He is the only Legend Blader that does not own a 4D system bey.
  • Yuki and Kenny are kind of the same but Kenny only battles for training.
  • He is the second character in the metal saga to have an Egyptian beyblade.


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